ノric L Farrell
is a national author and Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam Winner from Woodbridge VA, who inspires others through his clean, understandable, and timeless poetry.

Farrell's poetry hangs in over 7,900 businesses, including Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and Toyota dealerships and dealerships of 33 other auto manufacturers, and 36 automotive chains, including Pep Boys and Meineke, who use his poetry to communicate their values.

After releasing two books, performing with 5 Grammy nominated artists, and 11-time Grammy winner, he became the first ever to release a full stand-up poetry performance on video. He is the founder of WordStage Poetry Lounge, which he hosted for six years at Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million in Richmond, Virginia and Washington, DC, and has since, performed in tens of thousands of haircare and auto shops in over 350 cities, and is currently establishing his new brand, ProPoems.

Official Website: WWW.ERICLFARRELL.COM (