Seeking Solace: Finding Peace and Comfort in Times of Distress

by ノric L Farrell (Author), Will Holmes Jr. (Author)

Find peace and comfort no matter what happens in life.

Inspirational Poetry with introductions to each poem topic, including a "Behind the Poems" section where the authors provide background information for each poem and further discuss the issue that each poem addresses. Many of the included poems are selected from among the authors' signature poems that have received encore applause when performed on stage, on television, in churches or featured on music albums.

This Book Helps You:
·Overcome fear and worry
·Cope with losing loved ones
·Deal with tragic disasters
·Handle stressful pressures of life
·Relax and sleep better
·Find purpose & self worth
·Learn how and when to pray
·Find inner-peace in difficult times
·Counsel and comfort others

Product Details

128 pages
Emaculate Publishing
Publication date:
8.5 x 5.5 x 0.38 inches

Customer Reviews

(voted 5 out of 5 stars)
Helping me to go on...

"my father just passed away and in my hour of darkness, i picked up this book.its helping me to day after day and it gives me my daily inspiration. if you don't have this book you need to get it . it is a must have!!! makes a worderful christmas gift! enjoy !!!"

-Natasha Ellis
(Virginia, USA)

(voted 5 out of 5 stars)

"SEEKING SOLACE IS A SPECTACULAR BOOK!! I purchased this book from the bookstore on campus and immediately I started reading it. Seeking Solace is such an inspirational book to have. It has truly inspired me. Within the same day of me buying this book, I had purchased another copy as a gift. I find myself relating to SS more than any other book that I have read prior to this one. I am blessed to have SS in my collection. Eric L. Farrell and Will Holmes, Jr. really outdid themselves with this one. I am truly looking forward to the next one."

(Virginia, USA)

"I have used the book Seeking Solace in many times of confusion in my life. Right now my family is going through a very hard time and it has been so uplifting. It always reminds me that God can see the bigger picture and I need to continually trust that His ways are better than my own. Thank you!"

-Tamar Mitchell
(Fredericksburg, VA)