Sidewalks Are For Kids

by ノric L Farrell; featuring Doug P., Karolina, and Silhouette

Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam Winner ノric L Farrell performs live on stage on opening night for 1 hr 45 min, featuring 5 minute performances by Doug P., Karolina, and Silhouette, filmed live in Woodbridge, VA by Christopher "Play" Martin (HP4 Digital Works & Solutions). Witness high-powered poetry infused with comedy, drama, sermon, rap, and romance. The DVD features soulful music by Minh D. Chau.

Full Screen DVD:
1 Hour 59 Minutes
Foreword Motion
Emaculate Publishing (2006)

This Show Contains:
  1. Wake Up by Karolina
  2. Lyrical Conception by Silhouette
  3. Intro
  4. I'm NOT Playin
  5. Can I Get in Free?
  6. Pay Per Currency
  7. Lord, when is we gon' see?
  8. Fight Night! (40 second knockout!)
  9. John Song: The American Icon
  10. King in Check
  11. Internal Conflict
  12. The Tale of Many Men
  13. Schoolboy Crush
  14. Charity (The Infinitude of Love)
  15. I Can't Cook
  16. John Song: I Return With A Vengeance
  17. Psalm 25
  18. Internal Conflict II (External Conflict)
  19. What I wanna be when I grow up
  20. Change History by Doug P
  21. The Casualty of Casually
  22. Kaiser Permanente
  23. He's Still Movin
  24. Internal Conflict III (Posterior Conflict)
  25. I'm a Good Man
  26. To You Black Woman
  27. Art II: Poetry is a Language Art
  28. An Outcast, Not a Castaway
  29. Jesus is Lord / Call to Christ
  30. The Dress Code of a Fly Guy
  31. Is Christ Dead in Vain?

Customer Reviews

"Hi Eric:
I just wanted to wish you best in all that you do. It was a pleasure to have met you and your DVD is GREAT! You are a kind Soul and Spirit...
Thank you so much for your GIFTS!!!!
God Bless,"

(Clinton, MD)