Verbalizions of Enlightenment: The Secret to the Pain

by ノric L Farrell

Editorial Review

  1. Eric Farrell's Verbalizions Of Enlightenment: The Secret To The Pain is an 80-page compendium of soul-stirring stories and powerful messages showcases in a poetry written to convey a process of healing from the stresses and abuses that life inevitably imposes upon most of us. Lotto Motto: Look at that airplane/That's your role model/You played like you was plane/Since babies tipping bottles//You'll crash just like a plane/When "We Get High!" turns to your motto/You admire rich planes/But they just played the lotto//I got something to say/Right now, for then/When you play the lotto/You either lose, or you win//Listen to me now/Or listen to me when/You could win a whole lot/Or your life could end...Take heed.

    James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief
    The Midwest Book Review
    (Oregon, WI)

  2. Visualizing the verbals in 'Verbalizions of Enlightenment

    'WOW!'...that's all I could say when I read and re-read 'Verbalizions of Enlightenment.' I would like to encourage those of you who appreciate words of wisdom and those who are dealing with life for what it's worth to purchase this book. For those of you watching your calories...there are no preservatives or sugar sprinkled on top to cover up the facts that we all have to deal with, and the realities we see in our society. I would say that this book caters to everyone...unless, of course, they happen to reside on some other planet.

    Ruthology, an Artist. a Student. a Woman. Radio Personality
    Grammarskool, CKUW 95.9 FM
    (Winnipeg, Manitoba - Canada)

  3. Verbalizions of Enlightenment is far more than one might expect from a book of poetry. It's a spiritual piece of art. In addition to its inspirational purpose, the author also sculpted this book to be an exhibition of artistry and creativity. It contains soul-stirring stories and powerful messages poetically conveyed through the eyes of the writer. He is able to capture the average person's feelings of wonder, curiosity, fear, abandonment, confusion and disappointment and put them into words in a way that provides understanding to life's everyday struggles, while walking the reader through his own healing process. It doesn't hide behind extensive imagery or far-fetched imagination. It's not confined to one group of people and it does not need permission to tell the shocking truth. It addresses society's common escapes of life's troubles, such as drugs, alcohol, sex, and materialism and their consequences. The poems appear simple enough to be understood by the average non-reader, while at the same time, containing enough depth and hidden complexity to be read over and over by those who seek deeper significance.

    Emaculate Publishing
    (Woodbridge, VA)

Reader Reviews

  1. This book is what the world needs now! It depicts views from a true Christian perspective. I like the way Mr. Farrell connects his words to bring out his perspective of the issues we deal with daily. Yet, he boldly gives Verbalizions of Enlightenment to truly evoke thoughts. This book is a must!

    April Barrett, poet & author
    A Bright Silver Lining for those Dark Cloudy Blues
    (Woodbridge, VA)

  2. When I read ノric L Farrell痴 first book release, Verbalizions of Enlightenment: The Secret to the Pain, I was hooked from the first poem, 天erbalizions. I immediately felt his individual soul and uniqueness of expression. It was not hard to see why a poem written by him (典hey Follow You Follow Them), could emerge as the top pick of many poems submitted to the Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam in September 2001.

    Sonstar Carlisle Peterson, apostle & author
    The Destiny of the Black Race

  3. I have recently met and heard the spirit-filled poetry of Eric Farrell. He is truly carrying The Word forth as a mighty warrior for God. His poetry will offer insight and clarity to souls seeking answers and understanding. I thank you Eric, for sharing your words at The Overflow, at Ebenezer A.M.E Church. Much continued success with your books!

    Sistah Joy, poet & author
    "Lord, I知 Dancin As Fast As I Can"
    (Washington, DC)

  4. (voted FIVE STARS)
    An inspiration!
    November 30, 2004
    Your Verbalizions Of Enlightenment Book is sitting on a little easel in my living room. I refer to your words from time to time, especially when I need to step back and take a deep breath.

    Toni, a Juvenile Counselor

  5. (voted FIVE STARS)
    Spiritual Enlightenment through Prose
    November 22, 2004
    Kudos to Eric Farrell for being obedient to the Spirit and creating this poetical masterpiece which challenges and enlightens us in Spirit and Truth. There is realness in his perceptions and a cutting edge to the message that he gives to the reader through his words. I have truly been blessed by the Verbalizions of Enlightenment: The Secret to the Pain!

    Darius Ligon, A reviewer
    (Alexandria, VA)

  6. (voted FIVE STARS)
    And then there was....verbalizions
    July 15, 2002
    I really enjoyed this book. It made me stop and think about life. The situations in this book were comparable to anybody's life. A tall glass of water after a loooong hot day. Compliments to the author.

    A reviewer (, currently a fan of ノric L. Farrell

  7. (voted FIVE STARS)
    Poetry that is truly for the mind and spirit
    January 11, 2002
    I had the rare chance to buy [his] unpublished edition of this same book and it was truly deep and eye opening. His poems deliver a message...then you read it again, read between the lines, and you receive another message. It's the kind of poetry you can read that you know will be teaching or showing you something, and that comes from a truly blessed man. He follows God and it shows in his words and messages of his poems. I would recommend this as a must read whether you are a fan of poetry or not...even if you are religious or not, you will gain enjoyment from reading this piece. His poems range from being deep and serious, to straightforward and humorous, and even from shocking to subtle. Keep your eyes on this new and upcoming poet.

    A reviewer, a poet myself

  8. (voted FIVE STARS)
    An inspiration!

    Your Verbalizions Of Enlightenment Book is sitting on a little easel in my living room. I refer to your words from time to time, especially when I need to step back and take a deep breath. (the reviewer duplicated this review on another website)

    (Richmond, VA USA)

  9. (voted FIVE STARS)
    I loved it!

    this book is one of the best ones i have every read! each of the ones i have read, has a similar style when it comes 2 peoples' lives. once u read this, u can get pictures in your mind on what he's saying and u can get an idea on what each one can represent like, how he described about his books and reading it kind of comforts you.

    Tamika Taylor "BaByArieLLa14"
    (Stafford, VA USA)

  10. (voted FIVE STARS)
    Now I Know The Secret

    Farrell takes us out of this world full of negativity and shows us the light in his book, "Verbalizions Of Enlightenment: The Secret To The Pain". I found myself going through life altering situations right after I bought this book. I would grab this book and take my daily dosage of therapeutic words. Now upon completion of the book, I finally know the secret to the pain.

    (Houston, TX United States)

  11. Whenever I read VOE [Verbalizions of Enlightenment], and I have read it many times, I still feel inspired. I still want to read it many more times and share it with others so they can feel the inspiration and energy that Eric is blessed and talented to give. When you read his poetry, you can and will see that he is anointed with a gift and that is God given and MUST be shared with others.

    Danielle Colbert, reader

  12. This book has inspired me to write poetry. I read the book over and over as soon as I got home. One of my favorite poems Is "What I Can Do. Eric is twenty something and some of his greatest work was done his senior year in high school. The poetry is pretty deep for still being in high school. You can clearly tell the spirit of God was with him and still is. Eric is humble and isn't about self exaltation. He humbled himself and was exalted in due time, and doesn't claim his abilities as 杜ine. To Christ he glorifies and forever his poetry shines!!!

    Trokon T. Freeman, WordStage Poet
    (Richmond, VA)

  13. I have read and enjoyed your book. There were a lot of things that really touched me. Your words were deep and you spoke of things that are all around us everyday.

    Keshia Sykes, cousin
    (Emporia, VA)

  14. Having watched and observed Eric before he even committed his first word to paper I must admit... it has been an incredible journey for this young man! His writings and poetry are truly those of a divinely inspired young man. Eric not only talks the talk... he walks the walk. His life and work should be an inspiration to young people everywhere. Rock on, nephew...Rock on!

    Uncle Leon
    (Washington, DC)

  15. Wow! You got me in deep though. You are a man who knows about what you speak. I truly admire that. This is a wonderful piece I discovered the edge of my sea while reading this. Thanks, I never knew it was there!

    Blackblues, poet
    (Houston, TX)

  16. I really enjoy Eric Farrell's first book: VOE: The Secret to the Pain. It is Enlightening, indeed!

    Tyesha Rice
    (Aberdeen, NJ)

  17. What an awesome gift you have! I was up into the wee hours of the morning reading your work. Not only am I greatly impressed, but I am also deeply motivated to employ my pen again.

    (Triangle, VA)

  18. Eric, You signed a book for a friend of mine and I really enjoyed the book. My friend also enjoyed the book as well. Keep doing what you are doing and may God continue to Bless you."


  19. On a scale of 1 to 5 (5=Best), I rate this book as 5

    -It was worth the money
    -It did move/inspire me
    -I would recommend it to a good friend
    -Compared to other writers, Eric's poetry is "BREATHTAKING & IT HIT CLOSE TO HOME"

    (Petersburg, VA)

  20. On a scale of 1 to 5 (5=Best), I rate this book as 4

    -I purchased it from Book's Website
    -It was worth the money
    -It did move/inspire me
    -I would definitely recommend it to a good friend
    -Compared to other writers, Eric's poetry is "among the best"
    -"I enjoy Eric's poetry because not only does he present real issues, but presents them in different manners.

    Fateema Blackwell
    (Washington, DC)

  21. On a scale of 1 to 5 (5=Best), I rate this book as 5

    -I purchased from "Church"
    -It was Definitely worth the money
    -It did moved/inspire me
    -I would Definitely recommend it to a good friend
    -Compared to other writers, Eric's poetry is "Off the Chain"
    -"I want his next book"

    Krystal Spurlock
    (Richmond, VA)

  22. On a scale of 1 to 5 (5=Best), I rate this book as 5

    -I purchased it from "Barnes & Noble"
    -It was worth the money
    -It moved/inspired me
    -I would recommend it to a good friend
    -Compared to other writers, Eric's poetry is "very good & real"

    Calvin Merritt
    (Manassas, VA)

  23. On a scale of 1 to 5 (5=Best), I rate this book as 4

    -I purchased it from "Springfield Mall"
    -It was worth the money
    -It definitely inspired me
    -I would definitely recommend it to a good friend
    -Compared to other writers, Eric's poetry is "great"
    -"I want to know about his next appearance and when his next book comes out"

    Nicole Cook
    (Suitland, MD)

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