Charese Nicole
(Steelton, PA)
Along with being a great friend, she's a modest, loving, fun, and ambitious person. Yet, she was abandoned by her ex-husband, the father of her children. Fortunately, she has arisen victoriously, and she's now ready to share her learning experience with the world. She's even welcoming all interested readers to peer into her once private poetic journal, as a supplement within her memoir. Originally from Steelton, PA, she has traveled nationally with her family of gospel artists, performing on Bobby Jones Gospel Hour, and with The Winans and other well known artists. In February 2005, she won Access Granted's singing showcase in NY with an original song, followed by a successful performance on Amateur Night at the Apollo in Harlem, NY in June 2005. In her earlier years she spent her time as a runway model for JC Penney and other fashion shows.