An Abandoned Woman: Found by God

by Charese Nicole (Author), ノric L Farrell (Introduction), Denise Hill "The Gospel Lady" of WKYS 93.9 FM (Foreword)

When she lost her husband and all of her belongings, she found her self and her sense of belonging... in God's eyes. She's God's new lady, and you just might be in her story.

This Book Is For:
·Women of all ages, races, and beliefs, whether married - single - separated - divorced - lonely - sad - miserable - hurt - or angry
·Men and women who may be in healthy relationships but would like to help others who are not
·Christian and women's ministries, and women's shelters

This Book Helps You:
·Find comfort during relationship problems
·Realize you're not alone
·Get to know yourself better
·Find lasting happiness
·Build self-esteem and healthy relationships
·Define yourself through God's loving eyes
·Forgive those who've hurt you
·Heal emotional wounds
·Improve your relationship with God
·Help others who've been abandoned

This Book Contains:
·The memoirs of Charese Nicole, a young Christian woman who emerged victoriously after being emotionally and physically abandoned by her husband, the father of her children
·Relevant scipture references from the Bible for understanding and emotional healing
·Charese's poetic journal entries, written during her time of suffering

Product Details

112 pages
Emaculate Publishing
Publication date:
June 2006
8.5 x 5.5 x 0.25 inches

Customer Reviews

"I was immediately impressed". it definitely paints the picture of how deeply painful it is to be abandoned by someone who professes to love you. I found myself wanting to know more.... And that is the mark of a good writer.... Her poem, "Questions," clearly outlines the movement of her thoughts as she was going through her crisis..." read full review...

Rebekah Pierce, publisher & editor-in-chief
Average Girl, The Magazine
(Richmond, VA)

"As I began reading this book, my wife asked me 'what's it about'. Without knowing, I sighed and said that it was a Christian Waiting to Exhale. I was so wrong. An Abandoned Woman transcends the current culture of male bashing books. The author provides authentic answers and digs within her own soul for truth. This book convicts and inspires you at the same time. I am a better person for reading it."

Pastor Tony Ares
Mars Hill Ministry
(Virginia, USA)

"...a delightful writer... a "must-read" for any woman, whether single or married who has been abandoned by her companion... Charese walks her readers through the four stages of loss to a fifth stage--victory... She also illustrates how God prunes and purges his chosen vessels creating a new heart and a right spirit that worships Him and Him alone for those who have been devastated by abandonment." read full review...

M. Renae Spencer, author
Pearls from the Soul
(Atlanta, GA)

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